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May 31, 2023

New: Pedicle Screw Probe, 2.3mm Ball, Single Pack

Now available for order in the US as a single packed item.

Neurosign® stimulating probes are highly specialized medical devices meticulously crafted to facilitate nerve stimulation during various surgical procedures. With their precise engineering and innovative design, these probes offer surgeons a valuable tool to ensure optimal surgical outcomes.

About the Pedicle Screw Probe

One specific variant of the Neurosign® stimulating probes is the Pedicle Screw Probe. This probe features a 2.3mm ball tip, designed to stimulate the pedicle hole precisely where the pedicle wall is at its thinnest. By targeting this delicate area, the probe is designed to significantly minimize the risk of screws accidentally hitting the nerve root, thus enhancing the safety and success of the surgical procedure.

The Pedicle Screw Probe is specifically engineered as a monopolar probe, making it particularly well-suited for aiding surgeons in the accurate placement of pedicle screws. Its key distinguishing feature is the presence of a 2.3 mm uninsulated ball tip, strategically positioned on an insulated shaft. This configuration allows for precise and controlled stimulation while ensuring the safety of surrounding tissues.

To complete the electrical circuit required for nerve stimulation, the Pedicle Screw Probe is typically used in conjunction with a separate return needle electrode. This electrode acts as the pathway for the return of electrical current, ensuring a closed loop for the stimulation process. By utilizing this comprehensive system, surgeons can effectively navigate the intricate anatomy of the pedicle region and confidently perform the surgical procedure, reducing the potential risks and complications associated with nerve damage.

Overall, the Neurosign® Pedicle Screw Probe provides surgeons with a reliable and efficient instrument for nerve stimulation during pedicle screw placement. Its features and design enable precise stimulation at critical points, safeguarding against nerve injury and optimizing patient outcomes in a wide range of surgical scenarios.

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– 255 mm shaft length, 1.9 mm diameter, 2.3 mm ball tip
– Monopolar probe
– Individually packaged and sterile
– Suitable for use with multi-channel nerve monitors
– Box of 1

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