About Neurosign

Neurosign®, part of the Welcony group, is a pioneer in the world of intraoperative nerve monitoring solutions. For more than 30 years, Neurosign® has supported surgical teams across the globe with innovative designs and technology solutions for nerve preservation and identification in some of the most complex head and neck procedures.

Started in 1991 at the request of a surgeon who desired a surgical tool that could be used to identify and protect nerve integrity and elevate the success of procedures, Neurosign began with the easy-to-use N100 and grew its product line to include more informative and user-friendly nerve monitors, stimulating probes, electrodes, dissectors and stimulating instruments designed for numerous surgical applications.

Today, Neurosign’s intuitive and self-directed V4 Intraoperative Nerve Monitor provides an effective and reliable solution for identification and preservation of critical nerves that improve patient outcomes around the most sensitive of procedures involving cranial nerves, skull-based surgeries, and spinal nerve root applications.

Together with probes, stimulating instruments, and electrodes, Neurosign solutions give surgical teams the power to monitor and stimulate nerves while manipulating, lifting and dissecting with confidence.

Neurosign’s international team of engineers and clinical professionals continue to bring the same focus that the founders brought decades ago – preserving what matters for patients to live their fullest lives by enabling surgeons to operate at their best.

About Welcony

Welcony is a global neurotechnology company supporting thousands of research labs, clinics, hospitals, and universities that focus on mental health, brain disorders, cognitive neuroscience and neuromonitoring. Key brands include Magstim Magnetic Stimulation, MagstimEGI high-density EEG, Technomed Clinical Neurophysiology, and Neurosign Intraoperative Nerve Monitoring.

Neurosign nerve monitoring equipment including consumables are not available for purchase by the general public.