Pedicle Screw Probe, 2.3mm ball, 1 Pack

Neurosign® stimulating probes are designed to stimulate nerves during a wide range of surgical procedures.

The Pedicle Screw Probe, 2.3mm ball allows the surgeon to stimulate the pedicle hole where the pedicle wall is at its thinnest. This probe reduces the risk of screws accidentally hitting the nerve root.

The Pedicle Screw Probe is a monopolar probe designed to aid in the placement of pedicle screws. It has a 2.3 mm uninsulated ball on an insulated shaft. Used in conjunction with a separate return needle electrode.

– 255 mm shaft length, 1.9 mm diameter, 2.3 mm ball tip

– Individually packaged and sterile

– Suitable for use with multi-channel nerve monitors

– Box of 1

*This product is not for purchase by the general public.