14mm 4-Channel Needle Electrode Set

Neurosign® disposable subdermal needle electrodes are designed to acquire EMG signals from muscles. When used with the Neurosign® V4 Intraoperative Nerve Monitor, the colors carry right through from connection to the on-screen channels.

– Same color coding from patient to display

– Packaged in sets to improve efficiency

– Suitable for use with multi-channel nerve monitors

– 14 mm subdermal needle

– 1.5 m twisted pair cables, which connect to the pre-amplifier pod for ease of use

– Single patient use to reduce cross-contamination risk

– Box of 10 4-Channel sets (4470-00); Single package (5882-00)

The 4-channel electrode set contains all required needle electrodes for 4-channel EMG monitoring, including:

– Blue electrodes, twisted pair (Ch1)

– Red electrodes, twisted pair (Ch2)

– Violet electrodes, twisted pair (Ch3)

– Orange electrodes, twisted pair (Ch4)

– Green electrode, single (Reference)

– White electrode, single (Return)

*This product is not for purchase by the general public.