Lantern Laryngeal Electrode (LLE), 8-9mm

Neurosign® patented disposable Lantern Laryngeal Electrode is an innovative design for recurrent laryngeal & vagus nerve monitoring. The revolutionary lantern design of the electrode ensures contact with the vocal cords in all patients, even when the endotracheal tube position is suboptimal.

– Conforms to vocal cord position

– Gentle self-regulating pressure to vocal cords

– Suitable for use with multi-channel nerve monitors

– Fits size 8 mm to 9 mm endotracheal tubes

– Time-saving setup with integrated ground electrode

– Suitable for use with standard or reinforced PVC endotracheal tubes

– Single patient use

– Box of 10, including a reusable connection cable

*This product is not for purchase by the general public.

Using LLE

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