Lantern Laryngeal Electrode (6-7mm)

Manufactured in 3 sizes to fit 4 to 9mm endotracheal tubes, these electrodes are designed to monitor signals from the vocal cords during thyroid and skull-base surgery.

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They are manufactured from a thin polyester substrate with silver chloride ink tracks printed onto it, and an insulation layer to prevent the shunting of the signal to ground. They have a tab so that the electrode overlaps onto itself, and are designed so that rotation of the tube will not affect the signal. Whilst proper orientation of the electrode will allow left/right identification of the vocal cords, any rotation of the tube will degrade this discrimination, but will not affect the ability of the electrode to detect EMG. The electrode is therefore strongly recommended for thyroid surgery and unilateral skull-base surgery.

Please note; this is a contact type electrode and is therefore not as sensitive when measuring potentials when compared to needle electrodes. It is intended to detect the large signals generated by direct electrical stimulation of the laryngeal nerves (both recurrent and superior), and the vagus. It is not recommended where the morphology of the detected signal may be important to determine nerve status.