Dual Channel Surface Electrode

Offered through a unique partnership with Invotec International, Inc.®, the Dual Channel Surface Electrode is used during head and neck procedures to monitor the integrity of the recurrent laryngeal nerve through simultaneous contact with both the right and left vocal cords.

The Dual Channel Surface Electrode is designed to be secured to an endotracheal tube and is offered as a standard stick-on electrode.

– Provides simultaneous contact with the right and left vocal cords

– Suitable for use with multichannel nerve monitors

– Fits endotracheal (ET) tubes from 6 mm to 8 mm

– Standard stick-on

– Universal connector

– Single patient use

– Box of 5

– Grounding Green Single Needle Electrode sold separately, PN 1705-00-TE

White Single Needle Electrode used for reference with monopolar probes sold separately, PN 5872-00

*This product is not for purchase by the general public

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