Neurosign V4

Intraoperative Nerve Monitor

P/N 4454-00

Neurosign® has a reputation for producing simple, reliable and cost-effective nerve monitors for ENT surgeons. The Neurosign® V4 Intraoperative Nerve Monitor continues this tradition, but uses modern technology to deliver a 4-channel solution for nerve monitoring in ENT surgery – helping surgeons to preserve what matters.

With surgeon insight at the heart of our development process, the Neurosign® V4 is designed to help the surgeon preserve nerves, allowing the surgeon to concentrate on the surgery, confident that the monitor will warn of nerve proximity.

*This product is not for purchase by the general public.

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Mastoid Surgery Middle Ear Surgery Parathyroid Surgery Parotid Gland Surgery Selective Neck Dissection Skull-base Surgery Thyroid Surgery

Intuitive 15-inch touchscreen display


Clear waveforms with peak-hold bar graph


Peak amplitude display


Clear stimulator value


Adjustable volume levels

An integrated system that is intuitive, simple and upgradeable.

Workflow – leading the user through logical steps to improve efficiency

Cost of ownership – disposables provide a significant saving against other devices

15” color touch screen – no stylus required, use your finger

Stimulator pod – allows two stimulating probes to be connected simultaneously

Trolley system – easily maneuverable with self-contained storage

Storage pockets – provide storage for pre-amplifier pod, stimulator pod, and mute sensor

Easy to clean – no sharp corners, storage pockets can be removed for cleaning

Servicing – replacement of complete assemblies by service trained personnel



Surgeon profiles allow for personalised configurations to be created and stored in individual profiles. These profiles can be transferred between Neurosign® V4 Intraoperative Nerve Monitors.



Capture screenshots both manually and automatically. Save raw EMG data for further analysis, and annotate each event. Exportable to USB.



Default configurations for various surgical procedures enable rapid start-up.



Provides easy connection for stimulating probes


Modern, ergonomic design


Clear color-coded channel inputs

Main Features

  • Color-coded EMG needle electrodes, pre-amplifier, and on-screen channels – ensure that the correct electrodes correspond to the active channels on the monitoring screen.
  • Impedance checking – ensures reliable monitoring during the procedure.
  • Manual controls to adjust volume and stimulator levels.
  • Primary stimulator for probe, to test tissue and map motor nerves.
  • Upgradeable pre-amplifier allows for additional application options.
  • Muting of electrocautery artifact – automatic muting of monopolar electrocautery and instrument-evoked artefacts.